Tropical Depression Henri Hits The US

Caitlyn Russell, Student Reporter

       More than 135,000 people that live in the New England territory have lost power; the great hurricane that northeastern states have been preparing for finally hit land in Rhode Island on August 22, 2021. Luckily Hurricane Henri calmed down when it reached land and became a tropical storm, but still caused severe damage to many places in the states. Each state in the New England region had to deal with the tropical storm seizing the railroad services and flights coming into New York and other places. 

      “While New Englanders are used to dealing with some tough weather, this storm has the potential for widespread consequences across the region with significant flooding and power outages that could affect hundreds of thousands of people,” was the statement that President Biden gave when he appointed emergency declaration for Rhode Island and New York as Tropical Storm Henri started coming toward the north eastern side of the United States. 

     The Federal Emergency Management Agency is ready for the New England region since Tropical Depression Henri will move back to the New England territory before heading out to sea, causing more rain to the already flooded areas of Rhode Island and upstate New York.