The Creek is Rising

AJ Houseknecht, Editor

At the football game last Friday, the Beavercreek football team felt the love and support from all of the student body. Throughout the game, Beavercreek players made many amazing plays and also fought hard for the win against Xenia. Although they did not quite see the victory, there were many good things that came out of this game.

  For one, three Beavercreek players scored points for the team. Devin Garnes and Quentin Youngblood both scored touchdowns for the Creek  and Sean Morris scored twice on extra-point attempts.  These successful point grabs from the Beavers brought the final score up to 14. Troy Goffe also made a great play for the Beavers by stripping the ball out of the Buccaneers hands at the 1 yard line. 

However, even with these great plays there are a couple things the Beavercreek football team will focus on to improve by Friday. “The main thing is staying mentally focused and executing plays,” says sophomore CJ Crawford. By doing this, the staff and players are hoping to beat Franklin on Friday.

 Yet the support from the student section is what motivates them the most. CJ said, “It really means a lot to all of us especially when everyone gets hyped up for the game knowing we have a whole crowd behind our backs; expect a really good game this Friday.” So listen to The Varsity quarterback, and support the Beavers.