Updating COVID-19 Policy


AJ Houseknecht, Editor

On Tuesday August 31st, the Beavercreek City School District released a message to parents and students about the new COVID-19 policies. This included a change in mask wearing requirements  and exemptions to said requirements that would be enforced starting Tuesday September 7th. 

In previously released statements, the Beavercreek School Board has said that only grades K-6 are required to wear masks. However, now masks are required for grades PreK-12 for all students who do not qualify for a mask exemption. When looking at the data, the school system says “81% of our positive cases, identified by Greene County Public Health (GCPH) as spread within the school setting, are coming from grades 7-12”. Due to these statistics, Beavercreek City Schools will be requiring masks until further notice. 

By requiring masks throughout Beavercreek schools, the school board is hoping to continue in-person education. Paul Otten stated in this statement, “We believe requiring masks for all students will result in less quarantines and allow us to continue our in-person instruction.” This is especially important considering that a couple of school districts in this area have already gone online, and even more have gone hybrid. 

Although it was nice being able to see fellow students and faculty faces, unfortunately we do have to mask up again. However, it is important to remember the faces of those around us and continue to smile even when no one can see it.