Homecoming Week Schedule

Marita Tabbert, Student Jouranlist

This week is Homecoming week, along with Spirit week! Tuesday is USA day and Wednesday is decades day. The main event starts on Thursday, October 7th, with our homecoming parade. “This parade involves the whole community of Beavercreek and will be starting at 6 pm,” States Meredith Divine from the student council. “the After Parade will have food trucks, bouncy houses, and fun activities.” On the same night, the crowning ceremony for the senior homecoming court will be held on the football field with the band playing. Next is Friday, October 8th, which will hold the pep rally at 2 pm. With the football game that starts at 7 in the evening. Then to close the week off we have the homecoming dance on Saturday, October 9th, that starts at 7 and ends at 10.