Radium Girls

Radium Girls

Emma Schell, Student Journalist

The Beavercreek High School theater department has been working hard after school almost every day on their fall play called: Radium Girls.

Radium Girls is about three women who run a dial painting studio, and they all get sick and they don’t know the reason why. This story is a heartbreaking and shocking story about corporate greed, denial, and the strength of the human spirit.

Something amazing about the theater productions here is that they are mostly students lead with different crews behind the scenes. Paint crew, sound crew, prop crew, you name it! The head student director, Aspen, is so proud of the cast and crew of this play. “The tech crew and actors have been working so hard and efficiently. It has been a lot of fun putting this together,” they said. 

Make sure to come to see their upcoming shows! Posters should be up around the school soon.