The 2021 Homecoming Pep Rally

Caitlyn Russell, Student Reporter

The homecoming pep rally was a big hit this year. Due to COVID-19 this year the pep rally had the new setting of being out on the football field and having all of the classes in the bleachers, but besides being outside it was fun to watch and be a part of. 

To kick off the pep rally the student council MCs told some jokes and then went on with the first activity. One of the MCs went on to have a fake boxing match with Bucky the Beaver. The MC dressed up as a viking and lost the boxing match. Next up was introducing the fall sports. Each varsity member from the sport got to walk across the field. The sports that were included were men’s and women’s soccer, cross country, men’ s and women’s golf, girl’s tennis, girl’s volleyball, and football. They also included the spirit squad special ed cheer team. 

After all the sports were announced they had about one person from each team, and some teachers went to the field and played musical chairs. Then after musical chairs were over, there was one more game. They had some athletes and some students come out and play a game. They all had to take off their shoes and some of the student council members threw them across the field. The senior class got their shoes the fastest and won the game. 

They ended the pep rally by having the percussion ensemble play some segments from the marching band show. They sounded great and it pumped everyone up for the game that Friday night.