Christmas In a Shoebox

Caitlyn Russell, Student Reporter

During the holiday season here at BHS, the school always has wonderful ideas to help give back to the community. One of the main projects that normally starts in November is the Christmas In a Shoebox project. Run by our very own Mrs. Creech and the Christans In Actions club. Mrs Creech told us that “this project has been around as far back as 2009 or maybe even before”. 

The project actually is part of Operation Christmas Child through Samaritan’s Purse.  Filled boxes are shipped to a central location where they are then sent off to children around the world who are in need. It may be because of war, famine, or disease, but they all go to light the load of children and bring a smile to each face. Mrs Creech told us that she usually tracks a few of the boxes to see where they wind up and that the Christans In Action club has had boxes from BHS go as far as Madagascar!

Mrs Creech was also so kind to let me know one of her most favorite stories from this project: “At the central location, workers make sure that nothing is included in a box that cannot be shipped–liquids, war-time toys, etc.  Many years back a worker opened a box that was filled with just socks.  They do not take things out of boxes unless they are inappropriate, so the box was shipped.  The child who received the box apparently had severely infected feet, and his parents had been told to save his feet they were going to need to keep his feet in clean, dry socks.  They had no money to purchase the socks.  Amazing?  No …. in my mind, I just think I answered prayers.” 

The Christmas in a Shoebox project is an amazing way that clubs here at BHS like to give back, the Christans in Action program would like to remind those contributing that gifts must be able to fit inside a shoebox and we like to fill the boxes as full as possible with as many different items as we can! Thank you for everyone’s generosity to this cause!