Hulu is a better streaming service than Netflix

Caitlyn Russell, Student Reporter

Out of all the streaming services Hulu is the best and i’ll explain to you why I believe that. Hulu has one of the largest selections of shows that also includes hulu originals that come out all of the time. However the only downside of hulu is that it has advertisements, but it could be considered an upside because it gives you time to go get snacks, use the bathroom or etc. You would think that with as many options that Hulu has that it would be expensive like netflix, but surprisingly Hulu is only 6.99 per month. A plus that Hulu offers is that it offers live streaming options that includes live sporting events, it is one of the only ones that offers the live streaming option. If you ask me, Netflix is better than hulu because of all those options, but if you disagree, head on over to Marita tabbert’s article about why Netflix is better.