Parking Policies and the North Lot Backup

Daniel Scott, Student Reporter

Every week at Beavercreek High School, from August to May, the final bell of the day normally rings at 3:00 pm. Students storm out of their classrooms, the library, the gyms, and almost anywhere one can picture in the school. Most of them are heading to the same place; they’re rushing to get home. I am no different from my peers. As long as I have nothing going on after school I take the shortest and fastest route to my car. Yet unlike the other parking lots, I don’t get to even attempt leaving the school until 3:15. Parking in the north lot means I must wait until the buses leave at 3:10.

Stream of buses leaving the North Lot

Normally, this isn’t very inconvenient to me. When I started parking in the north lot, I accepted this as a fact that I would have to deal with. In the earlier months, when marching band was my only commitment, I didn’t even have to worry about this issue, since I wasn’t leaving the school until later in the afternoon. However, now that it is later in the year and my commitments have dwindled, I decided to start a new job. A job with earlier report times than I am used to. Some days, I have to be at work by 3:45. These days always end up being the most stressful, as I think about how I have to plan my exit from the parking lot in order to try and make it to work on time. It is very unfortunate that this has become a new problem for me, as I never had this issue last year when I parked in the west lot and had to be at work by the same time. 


The North Lot during a typical Friday after school

I know that I am not the only student who faces this issue. I have caught many peers on their way out to their cars complaining about the wait they have to face and how they also have to get to certain activities on time. With this in mind, I also wanted to reach out to an administrative staff member to ask them some questions about the north lot procedure and their overall view on it. However, by the deadline of this article I had not received a response to my email as there are logistical issues with me not being present at school and administrators being busy with their day to day tasks. Even though it wasn’t the outcome I was hoping for, I instead took to retrieving a statement from any willing student who parks in the north lot. I interviewed senior Ian Butner for a brief moment about his feelings on the north lot bus policy. When asked how it affects him, Ian responded with “I haven’t been really too affected by this, I just wait in the band room until they’re gone”. I then proceeded to ask him if he’s ever had time management concerns because of this policy, to which he replied “I have never really been late to anything important waiting for the buses. After all, it’s only 10 minutes”. I enjoyed receiving Ian’s feedback, especially because it contrasted some of the feelings I was having, and helped me put it into perspective that the time we wait on buses really isn’t that long. 

In the end, I chose not to write this article to talk about the rush to get home, or the unavoidable conundrum students face on Dayton Xenia when leaving, or to put blame on anyone or anything; I simply wrote this article to bring attention to and highlight what my peers and I who park in the north lot occasionally view as an issue. Most of the time, the policy doesn’t affect me. However, on the days it does, I am left wondering if there is a solution to this issue for not only myself, but other students who have to make it to certain places on time. However, I also realize that the system that is currently in place was implemented for a reason, it just isn’t convenient for all students; especially with a seemingly vast majority parking in the north lot and overflow.