The Fallout Movie Review

Maggie Young , Student Journalist

      The Fallout is about two girls who are involved in a school tragedy, and help heal together. Filming time set in Los Angeles originally during March 2020, but because of Covid-19 was postponed till August 2020. Movie director Megan Park Canadian actress and singer, age 35 saw the “Instant Connection” between the two starring actresses Jenna Ortega and Maddie Ziegler, both known for their amazing skills at acting. Maddie Ziegler became known for her part in the reality show Dance Moms. While being on the show, Maddie was known for being “the best dancer” and quickly got recognition. A couple seasons into the show, Singer/SongWriter Sia asked Maddie to dance for her in the music video Chandelier. From then on, Ziegler got more and more opportunities for acting and music videos, which set off the start of her career as and adult. Jenna Ortega has always been best known for starting acting young, continuing on her career as she gets older. Her most famous films include Insidious: Chapter 2, Iron Man 3 and The Little Rascals Save the Day. Ortega plays the character  “Vada”, who doesn’t feel the need to share her feelings with her family. Ziegler plays the character “Mia”, who is home alone most of the time, as her two dads travel, so she finds a connection to dance. The movie highlights different ways people deal with trauma, which could help people having trouble dealing with trauma. Side characters highlight other ways they deal with trauma.

    Anonymous source says “All my life I have dealt with depression, watching this movie showed me that I’m not the only one”.This can give people a better view The only thing that could be bad is if the movie brings up anything that could trigger someone’s trauma. If you don’t like the idea of tragedies or you like uplifting movies , maybe this movie isn’t for you. 

     Throughout the movie the girls grow a strong, unexpected connection. Leaving the ending with a twist. Out of a five star rating, I would definitely give this movie a five because it touched close to home since I am a highschool student, and I would recommend anyone to watch this movie to get a perspective on how others deal with trauma.