‘The Odd Couple: Female Version’ – A Review

Kayla Person, Student Editor

On January 28. Beavercreek High School’s theater department put on a special matinee performance of their winter play, ‘The Odd Couple: Female Version’. Directed by Dr. Jon Kochensparger, this production has a run time of around two hours and an incredibly small cast. The play is about two women that are polar opposites that end up living together after one of the girls, Florence, is left devastated by the end of her marriage. Over the course of the play, we see how these women change and realize just how much the other influenced them.

The play, while having its fair share of comedy, covers a very modern topic that I believe all BHS students could use. After all, everyone always thinks living with their best friend will be a dream come true, only for it to turn into an absolute nightmare. With a bittersweet ending, the play leaves both the characters and audience not with a lesson they want to hear, but what they need to hear.

Alida Ohrman, a freshman at BHS, had a role in the main cast of the production. When asked about her experience in her second BHS production she explained that, “It was definitely an odd experience for me because so few people talked to me when I was in [the fall play]” She explained. Senior Sarah Deboer added onto that statement, stated that “the show was really closely knit” and “less cliquey than others have been”.

Both Deboer and Ohrman confirmed that the play, with such a small cast, was a very intimate experience that they both enjoyed. It seems fitting that the friendship is strong among the cast of a play about friendship. However, Deboer and Ohrman’s experiences were still fairly different given their age difference.

As Deboer is a senior, this is her second-to-last BHS theater production before she leaves to attend Wright State University. She described her experience as “surreal…It’s strange knowing that after high school, you might not even be doing theater.” At this time, Deboer is currently putting together her audition piece for Wright State’s theater program.
Ohrman, on the other hand, seems to be on a high from this experience. “Overall,” she began. “Being in The Odd Couple was one of my favorite things I’ve done this year so far.” Ohrman continued, expressing how grateful and glad she was that she got this opportunity, especially as a freshman. Ohrman accepted that fact that she probably won’t become life-long friends with most of the cast, but she acknowledged that “it was definitely nice to talk to people in a more one-on-one way.”

All in all, this was a beautiful play to watch. The cast was immensely talented and the message the show sent was very important and powerful. Friendships can be very strong, but when you get an up-close look at it, you may spot all the imperfections you never thought were there. I did not get a chance to see the understudy cast, but I do not doubt that they did a phenomenal job as well. After all, Ohrman praised them greatly, explaining that they were more “calm and always working hard.”

The next production of BHS will be the musical, Annie, in the spring and I, for one, cannot wait to see how it turns out.