Softballs to Golf Balls

Mikenzi Kirby

Hailey Mckenzie is the new freshman on the Beavercreek varsity golf team. She is a star golf player, but what if golf wasn’t her first sport?

Hailey Mckenzie didn’t start out playing golf, but she actually started out playing softball. Hailey has been playing softball ever since she could remember, but she stopped playing her first year of high school even though she was a great player.

Hailey has been playing golf for a long time too but has never fully committed to playing golf until now. Hailey says that she was interested in golf because “My grandpa works at the Beavercreek Golf Course and I always played there and I went to golf camps.”

Going into high school, Hailey is also thinking about what sport she wants to pursue in the future and which one will take her the farthest. Hailey says that “I enjoy golf a lot and I feel like there are more opportunities for golf than for softball.” She feels that she can excel more and have more opportunities for her future.                                        

Hailey really likes both sports even though they are different in many ways. One of the reasons that she likes golf more is because golf is an individual sport and softball is a team sport so when you mess up in golf, it’s on you. She says that “I feel more comfortable in golf because it is an individual sport rather than softball which is a team sport”.                            

The one thing Hailey worried about when switching from softball to golf was what if she missed softball? When Hailey started to do golf she said, “I don’t miss it as much as I thought I would.”

Even though it isn’t as bad as Hailey thought she would miss it, she still misses being on a team and having fun with your friends while playing softball. She also just misses that game and playing it because even though she switched from softball to golf, she was very good at softball, especially for her age.