Sports on the Outside


Paige Ruth

Hannah Whitaker is a junior at Beavercreek High school, and she is also a rower at Dayton Boat Club in Downtown Dayton. Dayton Boat Club is not a school, but Hannah says, “That it’s just as rewarding.” She’s been rowing on the team for over five years. She started back in 2017 when a family friend recommended she join rowing with her. At first, Hannah said that “she was shy and didn’t make friends easily, but as I warmed up to everyone I really enjoyed the sport.” She started by taking a summer learning program and then from there she started as a novice. She made the varsity team in the summer of 2019 and then recently made team captain. Hannah talked about all the places she’s been to for rowing competitions, places like Michigan, other parts of Ohio, Tennessee, and Florida. As a team captain whenever the team travels, Hannah is in charge of loading up the trailer. Make sure everything is put where it goes, and that they have everything they need for the competition. Outside of rowing, Hannah continues to weightlift and do numerous cardio workouts. She plans on rowing in college and has fallen in love with the University and the rowing team of Alabama. Hannahs Whitaker is a junior now, but soon to be a senior and she talks about how she doesn’t want to leave DBC. Hannah says that she “ has deeply connected with multiple of my teammates, through team travel” and is “glad to call DBC my family.’ She has created a deep connection with her teammates and the sport and wants to pursue it in any way possible.