Using Apps for school

Maggie Young

Over the past couple of years, the technology world has increased significantly. Schools have been introducing Chromebooks and Ipads to their students and staff. They have been developing better and more useful websites for students to use for school. This helps increase students knowledge on subjects they will use in future careers, and teachers knowledge in school to help broaden students learning experience.  There are some negatives to technology used in school, but the positives outweigh the negatives. So let’s see what good technology is in schools.

A popular app you can even use at home is Duolingo. Duolingo can teach from 19 different languages. Popular languages include Spanish, French, and German. Features include talking into your device, writing sentences, and learning phrases. Many schools who use Ipads like to use Duolingo because it can read voices well. On your own time, if you need help outside of school Duolingo is good to use to go back to the basics of languages.

Kahoot is used in most classrooms to study for upcoming quizzes, tests, exams, etc. Kahoot is a good study website where the classroom is a competing against each other for a place on the podium. The placing is based off of who knows the subject the best and who is the quickest. If you are not in first place you can get a streak reward too. You can also play it on your own with bots to practice extra time. Talk to your teacher about using this if you don’t already!

As you know here at Beavercreek most teachers use Google Classroom. Teacher can use this to make their class online. Teachers can also use this to upload work if you are not at school. Teachers can use this for in-class assignments too. Google classroom is in the top ten most used in schools today. Teachers at BHS say “If you’re ever absent or do not know what to do, visit google classroom for the information you need.”

Grammarly is your bestfriend when you have an essay due in the next hour. Grammarly helps you make your essay stronger and fix any mistakes made in your writing. Some teachers might say to not use it and if so please listen. But if you are advised to, then its a great tool to use.

Using apps can broaden your knowledge, as more and more come out, the more people start to experience another version of life.