End of Indoor Track Season


Caitlyn Russell, Student Reporter

The Beavercreek indoor track and field season has concluded with some impressive results from our beavers. With seniors who qualified for state such as, Emelie Sandberg, Samantha Thomas, Abby Roderer, Grace Dailey, Keegan Souhan, Pierce Doyle, and some others leading them into state and placing well all around. 

At the state meet that I had the opportunity to talk to senior Grace Dailey about, it was learned that our track and field team set many new personal records. The team left the state meet with a couple of the athletes placing within the top ten. That list includes Dailey, who mentioned that she has “already broken some of [her] personal records during indoor track”, which led to her placing 7th overall at state in the 3200m race with an 11:06. Elinor Shuttleworth, who placed 6th in the 400 meter dash with a time of 59.14, which is a new school record for the 400 indoors. Then finally we have five girls who compiled our 4×400 meter dash, led by previously mentioned Elinor Shuttleworth, Abby and Macie Roberts, Jamie Confer, and Alexa Magoteaux. Those girls pushed each other to place 8th in the state. 

The Beavers are proud to announce that we have a member of the indoor field team that continuously pushed and worked himself to become a national qualifier. Senior high jumper Pierce Doyle. To nationally qualify for the high jump, Pierce had to jump at least 6 feet and 6 and ¼ inches. He went and set a new personal record that made him qualify with a jump of 6 feet and 8 inches. The top 8 at the national level will win the title of All Americans, which means that Pierce will have to clear the opening height to achieve that title. This is a great opportunity for Pierce since he wants to run in a division one college and hopefully wishes to run at national levels in the future. Pierce is the only one on the team who is heading to nationals this weekend and the beacon wishes him luck.

This year for track and field has been like no other. Pierce told me that he and the other people in this program have the same drive and ambition to succeed. They all share a common goal, which is “to win the state title and [they] know how to achieve it successfully.” The team this season has great chemistry according to Grace Dailey since there are many people who love to run and want to be there. Seniors sometimes have to help, according to the seniors I talked to, being a member of the highest grade means that “there are more people looking up to you and you are expected to be an extension of your coach. It also means we take the responsibility of making sure we have good team chemistry and to make sure everyone is having fun” 

Pierce wants to give a shout out to the newly appointed men’s sprint coach, Dekan Ekpo, who has served as a mentor and has influenced Pierce this season. He let me know that a small group of the team has been working under Dekan since October and have grown close to him. Pierce said that “Dekan has pushed them to grow athletically, but also taught us to use the habits we have learned on the track and apply them to everyday life.” Another influence this year is from Coach Russ, he had a big impact on Grace this season and she “owes all of [her] success and progress to Coach Russ, who provides [her] with challenging and suitable workouts” and Grace also mentioned that her teammates and fellow seniors have helped push her this year. The last influence that everyone has had on them is Hudson Lee. Pierce told me that he and “all of the team are also motivated by the tragic passing of the track and field teammate, Hudson Lee. Hearing his story and seeing how motivated he was to become great has really pushed the team to take the right steps in route to greatness.” The track and field team dedicated this season to Hudson and what he stood for. 

Grace and Pierce who both plan to run at the collegiate level are happy that they have had such great people by their side this season. The support that the Beavercreek track and field team has gotten this season is amazing and we wish everyone the best of luck at either nationals or the outdoor season.