Picking Colleges

Caitlyn Russell

Most students in high school will apply to college before the end of their school year. Students apply to anywhere from 4 to 12 colleges or universities before they choose which one they want to go to. A lot of the time people already have an idea of what type of college they want to go to before they apply. However, choosing a college is more important than what people normally think, a college can affect a student’s ability to study, learn, and more importantly how they grow. Having tips for picking what type of college you are looking for can help knock some choices off of the list.
First thing is to make a list of wants and needs that are a top priority for picking a college, like figuring out how far from home you want to be or what your financial plan is, then go from there. It is important to be in tune with what you want for the rest of your schooling and to do the research about why which school is better. Then the next step is to visit the schools that are on your top lists and familiarize yourself with the campus. For example, know how far the dorms are from the dining halls or the morning classes. Ask the question “can I imagine myself living here for the next part of my life?” It is important to know if you feel you can thrive there.
A big part of the application process is to know not to procrastinate because deadlines depend on which school the applications are going to. It is important to have them ready early. Many teachers will say to have applications in at all the schools that are being applied to by the fall of senior year. That will give you plenty of time to revisit colleges and get any letters of recommendation if it is needed.
Once applications are in, that is when the nerves will start. The best thing to remember when they come back is to be ready for rejection and to get past it quickly. It can be a shock and can leave any student feeling disappointed. However, that is what having safety schools is for. When all of the letters are in it is time to decide. A couple of tricks to help is to divide all of the schools up into pros and cons lists and try to eliminate what types of schools don’t seem like the right fit.
According to bestcolleges.com’s article title “How to Choose a College ”, there are seven factors to consider when trying to choose the best school. Two of the top factors are geographic location and overall cost. Those two factors go hand in hand because if you go out of state it will cost more than staying in-state. Budgeting and location are two factors that should be considered first. Then the academic majors and quality are other two factors that should be considered, one school could have more classes and focus on your intended major than another school.
In conclusion, there are many focuses that should be considered when looking for colleges. Having a good list that fits your needs and wants should be sat down and looked at with a trusted adult. Also knowing your intended major and budgeting should take a big part in how you look at a college.