Swimming to Success

Yumi Cruz

Most athletes are known for playing multiple sports, whether it’s soccer, football, baseball, and so on. However, playing multiple sports alone doesn’t define you as a hard working athlete. You can still play a singular sport for 10 years, and it makes you just the same as any strong suited sports player out there.

 Claire Drayer, a 9th grader,  is a rising single sport athlete who’s been playing ever since she was a kid. They participated in swimming at the Dayton Raiders Aquatic Center. They explained why they’ve been playing for so long and never decided to quit: ”It was a long time ago when I was 6, I guess I did have a choice to choose what I wanted to do, but my brother used to swim so I followed along.” 

With the help of their coach and friends, they’ve been able to improve a lot over the years. Drayer said, “I’d say my best was my 500 free and 100 fly. I got 540 for free and 105 for fly. Which wasn’t as fast but it was fast for me.” For them participating in swimming for so long they never really had the thought in mind of ever changing their sport; instead, they gave a really sweet statement in return: “I have never really considered or thought about changing, I’m too attached to swimming and my friends to now quit at this point.”

 For 8 years of playing a sport 8 years they’ve never once thought about changing viewpoints, for their swim team is like the great equivalent of family to them. Whether they think they’re good or not, they will always keep in mind what sport is dear to them.