Multiverse of Madness Review

Kayla Person

On Friday, May 6, a long-awaited day finally arrived for various Marvel fans as ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ hit the big screen. Fans of both the Scarlet Witch and Doctor Strange have been anxiously waiting on this movie, especially given the fact that, according to the original lineup of the fourth phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this film was already meant to be out this time last year.

After several delays and pushed back release dates, fans finally got to see the story of Doctor Strange continue after ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ and the path of Wanda Maximoff as a fully-realized Scarlet Witch following the events of the Disney+ miniseries ‘WandaVision.’ However, it would not be overstated to say that Wanda has completely overshadowed Doctor Strange in terms of expectations for the continuation of her character. 

The fanbase of Wanda Maximoff has been an ever-growing one since her initial MCU appearance in ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ in 2015. This fanbase only continued to expand, especially after the finale of ‘WandaVision’, where Maximoff finally embraced her fate as the Scarlet Witch, one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel universe. The fanbase for Doctor Strange, however, is considerably more toned-down and simply excited to see if any of their theories or expectations are met. 

Other than Maximoff and Strange, fans have plenty more reasons to be excited about this film. The trailers confirmed that Young Avengers member America Chavez will be playing a key role in the plot. Chavez is known in Marvel comics for many feats; including her ability to travel through the Multiverse and is Marvel’s first Afro-Latina LGBTQ+ character to star in her own comic series. It has been theorized that, because of her abilities, America will become the target of an unhinged Scarlet Witch who, as seen in the post-credits scene of ‘WandaVision’, is both under the influence of a book of dark magic called the Darkhold and on a mission to find her children, Billy and Tommy.

With a 75% on Rotten Tomatoes and four stars out of five on Common Sense Media, the film has been critically acclaimed and praised for its plot and horror aspect, courtesy of director Sam Raimi. The praise is also quite understandable. The multiverse of the MCU is a topic that can be expanded very widely upon and this movie showed just how wide. With plot twists and a fair amount of surprises, the film manages to keep each fan hooked, regardless of if you have prior comic knowledge or not. 

Benedict Cumberbatch manages to return to and effortlessly capture the image of Doctor Strange we have all come to know in the MCU. Cumberbatch perfectly encapsulates the struggle of a man with plenty of power that is searching for the limit of that power. Elizabeth Olsen reminds us all of her acting prowess, portraying the devastating emotions of a grieving, unstable mother trying to gain back what she lost.

The film, all in all, is well thought out from beginning to end, as well as being visually stunning. For two hours and six minutes, fans can sit back and enjoy the trials and tribulations of two of the most powerful magic wielders in the Marvel universe in a film that leaves one major question in its wake: what’s next?