The Festivals of Dayton

With summer fast approaching, many Beavercreek students are excited to get out of school and enjoy whatever free time they have. Several of these students may be looking for a place to spend a nice day with their friends or celebrate something like their birthday, an anniversary, or a holiday of sorts. 

Thankfully, Greene County and the surrounding counties provide plenty of opportunities for activities like that. Each county has a fair that opens at a different time in the summer and for several days, allowing students and their families to attend every fair if they wanted. The closest fair would, of course, be the one in our county, Greene County. It will span from July 31 to August 6 and has a plethora of activities for all ages to enjoy. The Dayton Local website describes the fair as “a safe and fun-filled week at the Greene County Fairgrounds” with “Rides, Kiddie/Calf Scramble, Tug-a-Truck, Harness Racing, Demo Derby, Truck/Tractor Pulls & more” (Dayton Local, 2022).

As previously mentioned, several of our surrounding counties are hosting fairs this summer as well. Clark, Montgomery, and Miami County are all hosting their own fairs, with Clark’s taking place from July 22-29, Montgomery’s from July 10-11, and Miami’s on May 21. Regardless of which fair you choose to attend, these are great opportunities to get out of the house over the summer and get some bonding time in with your loved ones.