Why Captain America is the Best Superhero

Caitlyn Russell, Co-Editor In Chief

Steve Rodgers is considered one of the best superheroes in Marvel because of how worthy, patriotic, and shown as one of most popular and powerful superheroes. However, the franchise lovers were shown that one of the main differences between the movies and the comics was the dynamic between Iron man and Captain America. In the movies they were considered more like “work friends” but the comics had them being closer friends than that. So many fans of the movies were not surprised when the series released Captain America: Civil War into the franchise MCU movie series because of how much bickering was shown leading up to this point, which sparked the argument: Who is the better superhero?  

Captain America had a rough start to life as he was a son of irish immigrants in the United States in the 1940s, by the time he was eighteen he was left as an orphan who was living with many health ailments such as asthma, scarlet fever, rheumatic fever, sinusitis, heart palpitations, and etc. Which made him seem scrawny, small and short and was always bullied and needed help from his best friend bucky.

 At the start of the first movie Captain American: The First Avenger. Rodgers was seen trying to draft into the army. He failed multiple times as his health was listed in the forms. That resulted in him being the perfect candidate for being the first super soldier of the marvel universe with the help of Dr. Abraham Erskine and Howard Stark, who was Tony Stark’s father. He had a very different background as Tony Stark who plays Iron man in the MCU universe who grew up with a mother and genius father who helped him get to where he is in life, as opposed to Steve who had to work for where he is. Steve was chosen to get the serum that made him a super soldier because of his morals, attitude, and his willingness to sacrifice his life in the army.

In the winter soldier many fans were surprised that Captain America was able to beat Iron man, however Steve Rodgers is stronger, and has more of an positive attitude and had help from his friends who chose sides when they started fighting. Many people think that Steve would have not won if he did not have his shield but Steve was going to win the fight no matter what because he had more of a willingness to win because he had more of a fight to win.