Crumbl Cookie Openings

Brightyn Mills, Student Journalist

The thriving cookie company, Crumbl Cookie, has been in business since 2017 starting in Logan, Utah. The company was founded by Jason McGowan, and Sawyer Hemsley. Since 2018, the company has skyrocketed around the U.S, and recently this summer, it made its way to Beavercreek. Their success has increased day by day. Beavercreek Cross Country runner, and Crumbl employee, Jenna Gomm, had some insight on how it is to work there. She explained, “It’s great to work here. The managers are really good. All of us employees have a ton of respect for each other, and are great at working together and figuring out what we need to do and not to do.” When I asked about the pay, she told me that it starts at $11, plus the tips you share with everyone else, and the longer you are there. And of course, your pay can increase over time. My final question for her was if the job was worth getting for those looking. She responded with “Yes. Absolutely. They have a very flexible scedule, you get a chance to do a different part of the job everytime, whether it is making the cookies, boxing them, or being the cashier, it is always a different task, and that makes the job way less boring than any other job”. As of this point, they are still hiring, so anyone and everyone has a chance to get the job.

Crumbl is currently the fastest growing cookie company in the nation. They have over 300 stores in 36 states. One aspect of their business model that has contributed to their success is the weekly rotating cookie menu. Every week, Crumbl changes their flavor of cookies into hundreds of different types. It could be Caramel Popcorn and then next week, it could turn into a Raspberry Cheescake. The only flavor that will always be on the menu is Chocolate Chip. Keep an eye out for Crumbl’s pink boxes when you’re cruising around Beavercreek. If you’re looking for a fun place to work, swing by their store at 2260 N Fairfield Rd, Beavercreek, OH 45432, to grab an application, or if you just want to buy some cookies.