After School Clubs at BHS

After School Clubs at BHS

Caitlyn Russell, Co-Editor In Chief

Joining clubs at BHS is one of the simplest ways to get involved. Most clubs are completely free and only take up little time after school, before school, or even sometimes during study hall. Across the school, there are posters, televisions showing you the clubs. Also during the morning announcements there are club announcements to tell you about them. There are many reasons why joining school clubs are important besides that they look good on college applications, Brooklyn Greenspan, a senior at BHS, said that she loves being involved in clubs because “it can teach you leadership skills, give you volunteer opportunities and is always a good way to make friends.”

After school clubs are some of the best opportunities to make new friends and to learn how to be a leader. There are many clubs that use their time together to find ways to help the city of beavercreek. Those clubs include: character club which is run by Mrs. Fifarek and Mrs. Danver. Junior Optimist International (JOI for short) which is run by Mrs. Reidenbaugh. The Network Club, and Beavercreek Youth Council which is run by Mrs. Hess. If you are interested in any of these clubs please feel free to contact any of these teachers. 

Some groups that join together to create things and ideas centered around creativity and hands on activities include: Art club which is lead by Mrs. Broyles. Leaders in the Kitchen which is lead by Mrs. Nartker. Musicians Connect which is held in Mr. Rodney’s room. and Muse Machine which is run by Mrs. Stamper, (Muse Machine will have a fee of ten dollars). 

There are many groups that meet after school that are a part of the concentration of STEM. These clubs include the Science Bowl team which holds its practices in Mrs. McDaniels classroom. Computer Programming club which is run by Mr. Magil. STEM club which is run by Mrs. Blazyk. Also CyberPatriot club which is run by Mr. Whitlow. (The CyberPatriot club costs fifty dollars a year to join.)

After school clubs for people who just want to chill and have fun with friends include: P.A.L.S which is run by Mrs. Haacke and Mrs. Kingery. The GSA club which is held in room 1020. Board Game club which is run by Mr. Bisignani. The All Star Dance Team which meets in the commons butis run by Mrs. Rizzotte. Christians In Actions which is run by Mrs. Creech. Girl Scouts club which is run by Mrs. Kovar. Also Muslim Student Association which is run by Mr. Ahrns. 

There are many clubs that are not listed above and some that meet during study hall, first period or before school, however, included below is a link to see the full list of clubs at Beavercreek High School and descriptions of what the clubs do and how they get involved.