Vans vs Converse: Vanz Are Superior


Paige Ruth, Student Journalist

Out of whether Vans or Converse, Vans is the superior one out of both of them. They are one of the most iconic shoes out on the market. They have different types: old school low rise, old school high rise, old school platform, slip-on, and slip-on platforms. They have just recently been added to the game of platform shoes. Which is their range in what shoes they can other in people. The company also offers a wide variety of colors or designs. And if those designs don’t meet your needs you can customize your own pair of shoes, which are too overly expensive, unlike the Converse. That is about a hundred dollars just to customize your shoes. Vans also offers a wide range of sizing anywhere in between a women’s four to a women’s eleven. They also have kid sizes if needed. Vans has also become a well-known weight-lifting shoe. Due to them being so flat they are good shoes to lift in because it allows you to feel the weight you are lifting and pushing/planting yourself to the ground. But this could cause a problem for those who need a little extra support or an arch in their shoe. Converse does have a better shoe for that. But overall Vans cost less or about even with Converse, so pricing could be better for some. If you disagree and think Converse is better, head over to Emma Schell’s article to see her opinion.