Paul Pelosi Brutally Attacked In Home Invasion

On October 28, in what was supposed to be what people can only assume a normal day, Paul Pelosi awoke in San Francisco to a deranged, hammer-wielding intruder now known as David DePape. DePape was reportedly on the hunt for Nancy Pelosi, the


Speaker of the House of Representatives, who was thankfully in Washington D.C at the time of the attack.

According to both state and federal prosecutors, DePape was “on a suicide mission, threatening to kneecap Nancy Pelosi and hunt down other unspecified public officials, according to court documents” (Jansen, 2022). DePape was thankfully detained by authorities and is being held at the San Francisco County Jail on charges of attempted murder, burglary, and elder abuse.

This event has unnerved many people in both the Democratic and Republican parties and ignited a brief sense of unity among today’s politicians. Notorious GOP members, such as Ted Cruz and Mitch McConnell both commented on and condemned the attack, offering their condolences to the Pelosi family in their troubled times. Even with the tense air of the midterm elections upon us, politicians still managed to band together over a common struggle and show the world a beautiful message of unity and respect.


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