Does Coach Day Need to be Replaced?


Brightyn Mills, Sports Editor

Last weekend the #2 ranked in the country Ohio State Buckeyes played the #3 Michigan Wolverines in college football. The game was called “118th edition” As this was their 118th game against one another. The first half of this game had the score of ten points to Michigan, and just 3 to Ohio State. At the end of the game, the score resulted in Michigan beating OSU 45-23. This is the first time that Michigan has beaten Ohio State in Columbus since 2000 and the second straight year Michigan has won. After two consecutive losses, some think that it is time for Head Coach Ryan Day of The Ohio State Buckeyes to be replaced. I don’t think that is what Ohio State needs to win. In both matchups, the games were close game all the way until the fourth quarter, where the Ohio State defense crumbles against the running game, and the offense can’t get a yard. This is not Ryan Day’s fault, however. I think the main person to blame for Michigan’s success against Ohio State is Jim Harbaugh, Michigan University’s head coach. After losing three years ago to Coach Day, Coach Harbaugh was able to change his style of the game in order for them to beat a new head coach. He went from a faster offense to a slower offense and worked on the running game even more. Coach Harbaugh went out and recruited star running backs to help his game evolve. They went from a top 10 team in College Football to now number two. Not to mention they made it to the NCAA championship and won the Big 10 championship. Those are achievements only The Ohio State Buckeyes had for the last 15 years. Now Michigan is taking the wheel, and Ohio State is wondering what happened to their success.