The ACT: What to know and Out of School dates

The ACT  is a standardized test most high school students take their junior year. At Beavercreek High School, the ACT is on February 28th for juniors. Out of school, the dates are February 11th, April 15th, June 10th, and July 15th.

Mrs. Duley, one of the counselors at Beavercreek High School says this about the ACT: “I would say that most people take it for the first time in eleventh grade. A lot of kids use the one at school for their very first time since it’s free and then from there once they get their score they can decide what they need to focus on. To prepare there are lots of study materials out there including practice tests on their website. We usually have an outside company do workshops with students before the test. Also, making sure you have a good night’s sleep and eating a good breakfast beforehand.”