Beavercreek Choir Sings At Veterans of Foreign Wars post 3809


Brightyn Mills

The Beavercreek Choir went to Franklin, Ohio, and sang some of their songs to the people at the Veterans of Foreign Wars post 3809. The choirs that went to the VFW consisted of the Women’s choir, Men’s Ensemble, Chorale, and Cordially Yours. The Women’s choir sang the national anthem, Come on down, and The 12 days of Christmas. The men’s choir sang the Wellerman song, the Chorale sang Dry bones, Silent Night, and Jingle bells, and the Cordially Yours acapella group sang Wonderful Christmas time. The veterans watching truly enjoyed the BHS choirs singing to them, and even joined in one Chorale’s songs. During our interview, I asked Amber Hoyt, a senior this year in choir, what the experience was like for her. “It was absolutely amazing. The energy at the VFW concert is different from other concerts I’ve been to, it feels happier and cheerful. The veterans watching seemed to like what we were singing, and that made me thrilled. I got to sing with my friends in choir, and it was in front of an amazing audience. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.”  The VFW was a small facility, and the choirs were able to make it come alive with music. The next concert will be in January, where Chorale, Women’s choir, Men’s Ensemble, and Cordially Yours will be singing, as well as the Concert choir, Treble choir, and Friends show choir.