The Locking of the Doors

Paige Ruth, Student Journalist

Recently there has been a change in BHS, the locking of the athletic loop doors. I currently park in the athletic lot and closer to Dayton Xenia. So it makes sense that I go through the athletic doors that are closer to Dayton Xenia road. Especially during these colder and snowier months. But one rainy day I was walking to the doors that I had been going through all year to find Officer Unroe standing in front of them. That day he told me that these doors would be locked from now on and I would have to go around the school to enter the building. He declared “ It is important that only staff and students are inside during the day, which begins with our arrival.  Locking these doors will make it easier to monitor fewer entrances as everyone arrives in the morning”. I totally get that it is a safety precaution but my freezing and wet feet are where I draw the line. And I know I am not the only student that noticed the changes. A fellow student that walks to school has also voiced her concerns. Whitney Hildebrand also complains about the doors locking since she walks to school now she has to walk around the building upon her arrival. I understand and appreciate the worry for our safety but what is at stake? My safety or my chilled, hypothermic body.