Weekend of Jazz- What Is It?


Emma Schell, Co-Advisor

Weekend of Jazz is an annual event held at our high school usually the last weekend of February. It is where high school jazz bands from all over the state come together and play music. Our jazz bands even perform. Our band program hosts this event every year and every year it is extremely popular and successful. Every year, there is a headliner band and they are very professional. This year’s band is DIVA. DIVA is an all-female band that is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year and is choosing to celebrate it with us! Matt Frost, the head band director here at BHS, is super excited about this group coming and performing for us. He has been in charge of Weekend of Jazz for as long as we could remember. “I am most excited about bringing a group of high quality to our school to inspire future generations of musicians.” Mr. Frost says. This event starts on February 23 and goes until February 24. Support your fellow students and other students by attending this event! Everything is free except for the DIVA concert! Buy your tickets down below and we hope to see you there!