Taylor Swift New Songs


Emma Schell, Co-Editor

Taylor Swift is an award winning singer and songwriter who has consistently broken records and released amazing songs. Recently, with the start of her tour, which she has titled, “The Eras Tour”, she has released four songs, one vaulted and others re-recordings. As a Taylor Swift fan myself, I was extremely excited for these songs. The songs are as follows:


“All The Girls You’ve Loved Before” (Lover)

“Eyes Open” (Taylor’s Version) (Red)

“Safe and Sound” (Taylor’s Version) (Red)

“If This Was A Movie” (Taylor’s Version) (Fearless)


As any of her songs before, these songs received overwhelming good reviews. “Eyes Open” and “Safe and Sound” have already been released in the past as songs from The Hunger Games and she has now released them as her own. “All The Girls You’ve Loved Before” was leaked a while ago and now hearing the whole song was a treat for Swifties. “If This Was A Movie” actually was originally on “Speak Now” Deluxe, but fans are wondering if this is a hint towards “Speak Now” (Taylor’s Version). As the Eras Tour continues, we hope to hear these songs be performed.