Tik Tok Ban


The popular app TikTok, consisting of 1.53 billion people around the world, is being banned from Florida universities. These universities are Florida Atlantic University (FAU), the University of Florida (UF), and the University of South Florida (USF). TikTok was just one of the apps that were banned from these schools, effective immediately. The other apps are Tencent QQ, WeChat, Vkontakte and Kaspersky. All of these apps were banned from Florida’s new Digital Bill of Rights. The bill was introduced by Governor Ron DeSantis back in February and is still being considered by lawmakers. The governor said the bill’s intent is to “protect Floridians’ digital rights and privacy from Big Tech companies.” Before, students could use these apps with their school devices, but now that this bill is in place, it is now impossible to get onto TikTok and all of the other apps. If it isn’t their school devices, then anyone using the school’s Wi-Fi or the internet will not be able to access it. The UF Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Elias G. Eldayrie said this about the ban: “Taking this action will help protect your personal information as well as university data.” More than twice as many Americans support the U.S. government banning TikTok as opposed to it (50% vs. 22%), though a sizable share (28%) are not sure, according to a new Pew Research Center survey.