Parking Information

Nathan Hart, News Editor

For those at BHS who are driving, a parking pass is a must have. This pass will grant its holder their very own parking spot on campus and allow them to park their car there during school hours. In order to obtain a parking pass, the Parking Pass Application google form must be filled out and a payment of $40 must be made via PaySchools before August 1st. The form, as well as the link for payment, has already been sent to incoming Seniors and will soon be sent to all other students. In order to properly fill out this form and receive a parking pass, respondents must provide a photo of their driver’s license, information about the make and model of their car, as well as other information to determine the preferred location of their designated parking spot. Work Program students will automatically be assigned to the North lot. Otherwise, students can choose to park in the East lot, West lot, or Overflow lot. As an incentive for Seniors, they get to pick their parking spots before all other classes and get preferential treatment for their parking spots. An additional bonus for Seniors is the ability to paint their parking spots. Although this option will cost an additional $50 on top of the initial $40, this choice will allow Seniors to customize their parking spot with whatever school appropriate design they want. The time for painting parking spots will take place on August 9th and 10th from 10 a.m to 6 p.m. Painting must be completed within those hours. Needless to say, there are a wealth of options available for those BHS students who wish to have their very own parking spot.