ACT/SAT Testing Dates and Registration Information for Summer 2023 and for Next School Year

Marita Tabbert, Inside BHS Editor

It is impossible to simply respond “yes” or “no” to this question, as it is with most aspects of the college admissions process. So a lot is subject to your understudy’s specific conditions and objectives as well as the confirmations strategies of the universities on your rundown. Over $34 million in scholarships have helped hundreds of students get into their ideal colleges, many of which require test scores to be eligible. As a result, taking either the ACT or SAT is highly recommended. However, if you want more information so that you can make better decisions, here is a comprehensive look at what test-optional admissions policies really mean for students and what might be at stake if you choose not to take a test.

ACT Test Dates                                Registration Dates                               Score Release Dates

June 10, 2023                                         May 5th                                                June 20th*

July 15, 2023                                          June 16                                                 July 25th*
Sept. 9, 2023                                          Aug. 4th                                            not yet available

October 28, 2023                                 Sept. 22nd                                           not yet available
December 9, 2023                                  Nov. 3rd                                            not yet available

February 10, 2024                                  Jan. 5th                                             not yet available

April 13, 2024                                        March 8th                                           not yet available