Boys Tennis Wrap-Up

Marita Tabbert, Inside BHS Editor

This spring season our boy’s tennis team has won 13 games and lost 4 overall. In their conference, the only game lost was to Springboro. If one doesn’t know how tennis works, here’s a small summary. A player must hit a shot either before or after the ball has bounced to win a point. The player with the last shot wins the point if the ball bounces twice. A player cannot step over the net to hit the ball; instead, they must wait for the ball to pass the net and move to their side of the court. The boys played really well this year. Our team has had many improvements. They keep getting better and better over the years. The boy’s tennis team we have here at BHS is one of the best sports teams we have here. This spring season has come to an end. We have a solid team and hopefully, it continues to get better.