Reminder to Sign Up for ACT/SAT Testing

April 20, 2018

Students should pay attention to upcoming dates to register for the ACT and SAT, especially if they are juniors who have not taken either test yet. There are upcoming test dates for both the ACT and SAT that people should consider. For the SAT, there is the upcoming test date on June 2nd with registration on May 3rd and for the ACT, there are test dates on June 9th with registration by May 4th and July 14th with registration by June 15th.

There may be some students who want to avoid taking the tests, but many colleges require that applicants have taken either one of the tests. If students do not take the test before applying to universities, then they may find that their options are very limited. Junior Carson Henry commented on taking the ACT: “The test is definitely hard but it doesn’t suck nearly as much as not being able to apply to college.” Juniors should consider registering for tests very soon if they have not taken either test or if they wish to improve their score.

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