Student Election Results

May 11, 2018

The 2017-2018 school year is (finally) coming to a close. To wrap up student government for the year, elections were held the week of April 16th to decide which students would be class leaders next year. The following is a list of the new leaders for the current freshmen, sophomore, and junior class along with the new student council leadership.

Freshman Class:

  • President: Copper Hansen
  • Vice-President: Braden Grant
  • Secretary: Grace Pfaffenbichler
  • Treasurer: Anna Yang
  • Historian: Paige McNaughtan

Sophomore Class:

  • President: Grace Phillips
  • Vice-President: Callista Hess
  • Secretary: Alex Le
  • Treasurer: Harrison Andary
  • Historian: Dylan Manguiat

Junior Class:

  • President: Thomas Gill
  • Vice-President: Caleb Russell
  • Secretary: Kayla Vonderembse
  • Treasurer: AJ Veneziano
  • Historian: Lauren Lask

Student Council:

  • President: Kayla Vonderembse
  • Vice-President: Thomas Gill
  • Secretary: Lauren Lask
  • Treasurer: Kayla Bennett
  • Historian: Emma Sakulich

The vote for Student Council Treasurer was particularly close this year; initially resulting in a tie, the two most popular candidates were put up for election again with Kayla Bennett garnering the most votes. Junior Evan Nichols commented that he is, “Glad that Thomas Gill is the junior class president.” The Beacon staff congratulates all those elected and wishes everyone luck in the coming year!

Credit to Kayla Vonderembse for providing election results.

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