Top 10 Things to make at a Campout

Jennifer Meek, Student Journalist

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Since spring has started, many people have started participating in outdoor activities. One favorite spring activity is camping. Camping is a fun way to spend time in nature and change your normal routine. One of the major parts of camping is the menu. To help with any menu planing, here are some of the Beacon staff’s favorite foods to make while camping:

1. S’mores

Ask anyone, s’mores are a must have for a campout. Chocolate goodness mixed with marshmallows, in between two graham crackers can make a perfect snack to end the night.

Ingredients needed are: Chocolate Bars, Marshmallows, Graham Crackers

2. Banana Boat

If you have heard of a banana boat, you already know that this sweet treat is savory and delicious. This is also simple to make: 1.) Cut banana in half and stuff with ingredients 2.) Wrap in tinfoil 3.) Cook over fire

Ingredients: Banana, Chocolate, Mini-marshmallows, Tin-foil

3. Hobo Burritos

For the first meal in this top ten is the hobo burrito. This is simple to make and can fill you up quickly.

Ingredients: Potatoes, Peppers, Salt-and-pepper, Sausage, Eggs

4. Apple Pie on a Stick

This is a fairly easy task and is fun to make for younger kids. 1.) Put apple on stick 2.) Roast for 2-3 minutes 3.) Put cinnamon and sugar on apple

Ingredients: Apple, Cinnamon, Sugar

5. Hot Dogs

This one is easy and one of the items that does not take preparation beforehand.\

Ingredients: Hot Dogs

6. Roasted Peeps

Roasted Peeps are a fun alternative to roasted marshmallows.

Ingredients: Peeps

7. Fish

After a day of fishing out doors, cooking fish for dinner is a fun way for kids to feel happy about their accomplishments.

Ingredients: Fish

8. Jambalaya

Similarly to hobo packs, a jambalaya is made of meat and vegetables mixed with rice.

Ingredients: Meat, Vegetables, Rice

9. Biscuits

Biscuits are an easy campfire food if you have a pan to cook them in. This can be made prior to camping and is very quick to make.

Ingredients: Biscuit mix

10. Beans?

While some may argue that beans cause unwanted side effects, fellow staff writer, Gavin Akehurest, has stated that beans are a must have at a campout. They are premade, easy to transport, and an easy source of protein.

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Top 10 Things to make at a Campout