Did Halloween (2018) Live Up to the Original?

Mark Boyd, Student Journalist

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This past week, the newest “Halloween” film that is a direct sequel to the 1978 film came out, and I will tell you that it lived up to the hype. It features the same cast as the original Halloween movie with Jamie Lee Curtis as the lead role playing Laurie Strode and Nick Castle playing Michael Myers.

This movie creates the same atmosphere that the original did in addition to modern day effects, which makes it that much better. Michael has the same looming and evil presence that he had in the 1978 movie and is described as being the “Boogie-man” and the “pure essence of evil.” BHS junior Ashish Bommasani said this about the movie: “I’m scared of the dark after seeing Halloween, and I hope I never see Michael’s shadow anytime after night.” This is really what the movie does to you as Michael embodies pure evil and the things he does to kill people are truly disgusting. Halloween is a great movie with terrifying scares and gory scenes that will haunt your dreams.

I rate this movie a 8/10 and would suggest everyone to see it in theaters before it is too late.