Why There Should be Armed Guards in Churches

James Gearhart, Student Journalist

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After the October 27th, 2018 synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and the Charleston, North Carolina shooting on July 17, 2015, many have questioned the safety of churches and if having armed guards during services is, unfortunately, what it’s come to. Some people believe it would be a distraction and an inappropriate place to have a weapon, while others say it would make sure an attack similar to what happened in Pittsburgh and Charleston never happens again. In my opinion, I believe that churches should have armed guards because of the many past attacks and growing hate towards certain religious groups. With that being said, I believe if a guard was already on the scene with a weapon, then it would be hard or nearly impossible for an attacker to cause any casualties or deaths. As mass shootings become more and more common, it is necessary for churches to have armed guards to keep churches, known as safe places, safe after all.