Should you vote?

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Should you vote?

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Don’t Vote; Unless You’re Informed

Written by Nick Brenner

Midterms are today, and we’ve seen ads from all parties encouraging their base to head out and vote. Voting is a civic duty, but voters that haven’t educated themselves or have been misinformed may cause more damage to our republic than their vote is worth. With our current political climate, each side is using strong, inflammatory language against the other side. To democrats, republicans are selfish bigots. To republicans, democrats are stupid communists. All of the superficial commentary surrounding politics confuses and misleads the average voter. Senior Sam Ford said, “I think people should vote but they should definitely spend a good amount of time researching who they’re gonna vote for.”

Our founding fathers believed that for our government to function, each voter would need to be educated and informed about the elections. Paradoxically, as information seems to be easier to obtain in the form of the internet, people have turned to relying on buzz words and talking points. Don’t vote unless  you’re informed, our republic depends on it.

Should People Vote if They Are Unfamiliar With the Topic They Are Voting On?

Written by Christian Mackay

With voting season just around the corner, I thought that I would give my opinion on one of the most controversial questions revolving around voting: should people vote if they are not familiar with the candidates or the issues? My answer to this is that people should vote no matter what.

People should vote every chance they are given to be heard in politics. Most people who vote are not familiar with the issues and do not tend to have a basic understanding of the issue or the candidates at hand. This will give more diversified results at the end of the voting period.

Another reason that unfamiliar voters should vote is that it will not make that much of a difference in the final results. In elections where there are more than two major parties, if the person voting voted for one of the third party candidates, it would not make much of a difference.

Senior Naumaan Hussein said, “I think that people should vote no matter what. They have the right to vote and they should use it.” That being said, if you are of age, make sure you exercise your right to vote!

“I think that people should vote no matter what. They have the right to vote and they should use it.””

— Naumaan Hussein

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