Should the Driving Age be Raised?


Nicholas Brenner, Student Journalist

Ohio is considering a law that would raise the age of receiving a probationary license to 16 ½ instead of the current age of 16 years old. This means that student drivers would need to wait a year instead of just six months to be able to drive without a guardian’s supervision, a change that lawmakers hope will give teenagers more experience driving, especially during the Winter. The question: is this a good change?

Undoubtedly, the adjustment in driving age will lead to safer roads. Teenagers will unfortunately have to wait longer to be independent but we should keep the age from getting too high (as to effectively take away any possibility of a teenager ruining his or her own life). For society, the cost outweighs the potential loss of teenage autonomy. By allocating more time for teenagers to learn to drive and force practice in Winter conditions, drivers will have safer roads and less risk of accident. Cassandra Schankin, a Senior at Beavercreek who is working towards her license, says, “This is probably a good change. I don’t really see many negatives to it.”  The vote to increase driving age will be held at an unspecified date in the future.