Government Shutdown

Nicholas Brenner, Student Journalist

As of today, January 11th, the United States is in its 21st consecutive day of government shutdown. It is unclear when Democrats and Republicans will agree to end the now tied for the longest government shutdown in history with a 21 day shutdown in 1995. The current shutdown is chiefly a result of Democrats’ and Republicans’ disagreement over the funding of President Trump’s wall on the Mexican border and the president addressed the American people over TV about the issue on January 8th. 

The government shutdown has caused a significant portion of the government’s employees to either take off work or to work without pay, a good example being the IRS. President Trump has directed IRS employees to issue tax refunds during the shutdown but pay for their work will be delayed because of the shutdown. Many government employees in Beavercreek are still being paid through the military so local residents may not experience as serious of a change in day to day life. Beavercreek High School Senior Sam Ford says, “The parties should really start serving the people and quit the politics, the shutdown is going to start really hurting people soon.” Negotiations to end the shutdown are still inconclusive; we cannot predict when the government will rev-up again.