Missing 13-Year-Old Wisconsin Girl Found Alive

Kaci Watts, Student Journalist

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Jayme Closs was kidnapped after her parents were murdered in October 2018. She was found alive by police in Gordon, Wisconsin, on Thursday, January 10th. “I hear she’s doing great and getting rest right now,” Jayme’s aunt and godmother, Jennifer Smith, told “Good Morning America” on Friday, January 11th. “All I know is that she escaped from where she was being held, saw a lady walking a dog and ran to the lady asking for help.” A suspect has been taken into custody by the Barron County Sheriff’s Department. The police did not release any other details about the arrest and did not say a citizen contacted the police disclosing information which led to Jayme’s rescue. Later, this suspect was found to be 21-year-old Jake Patterson. He had been involved in many other crimes before his alleged kidnapping of Jayme and the murder of her parents. Patterson claims that he “knew” Jayme was the girl he wanted to take. Still, there is more information to be released on this case, so be on the lookout for more information.