KKK Affiliated Group to have Rally in Dayton

Nicholas Brenner, Student Journalist

At the time of writing, a KKK affiliated group will hold a rally in Dayton, Ohio on May 25th. Dayton residents in alarm over the rally have voiced criticism towards city government for allowing the event to take place, but city officials have conceded that they have no power to stop the rally as it is protected under the Constitution and freedom of speech. Citizens have already organized a counter protest to take place on the opposite site of the street of the site where the rally is to take place.

Unless students are in a government or current events class, the news of a rally may have been slow to reach them. A BHS student who wished to remain anonymous said, “I really didn’t expect something like this to be in the news; its sad and kind of scary.” Though the group is still scheduled to hold their rally on the 25th, many hope that enough social pressure will cause its cancellation.