Nicholas Brenner, Student Journalist

It’s March, and I’m mad! I’ve never filled out a March Madness bracket, but that all changes today! With your support, I’m going to make the perfect bracket (Duke’s going to win). Without further ado, here are the indisputable future March Madness winners!


This year’s top rated teams are Duke, Gonzaga, Virginia, and North Carolina. Of these, we’re rooting for Duke; Gonzaga (some people are going to be upset) is out on the 2nd round to Syracuse. From this point on we don’t have any worries about our top seeds, they all make it to the final round. In the last rounds, Duke demolishes all competition, North Carolina beats Virginia, and North Carolina falls to the might of Duke University. The rest of the bracket is irrelevant, they cannot possibly match the prestige of these superior teams, and cannot possibly hope to stand in the presence of the DUKE UNIVERSITY. This has been NIX PIX.