“Stranger Things” Season 3 Trailer Review


Kaci Watts, Student Journalist

The “Stranger Things” season 3 trailer came out earlier this week and it has fans going crazy. “Stranger Things” has always been a fan favorite and it may still hold up due to the phenomenal trailer that premiered. It featured several main characters in a new setting: summer time. The past two seasons were in fall/winter weather so this change really makes it seem like a new frontier. At first it seems like it’s the rainbow after a terrible thunderstorm, but it becomes known that there’s a new monster roaming about. This upcoming season seems like a bright new beginning compared to the dark and dangerous past. This season the main characters will have danger coming at them from every angle, but will somehow find humor in their hazardous surroundings. I am very intrigued by this little glimpse on the season set to premiere on July 4th, 2019. Hopefully it will live up to the two previous seasons or completely blow us away.