A Beavercreek Employee Accused of Stealing Money


Kaci Watts, student journalist

Thomas Joel Smart is a football coach at Carlisle High School and an employee Beavercreek High School. Smart is a special education paraprofessional at Beavercreek High School. He has recently been accused of stealing around $600 from ticket sales on May 9th at a girl’s lacrosse game. On Tuesday May 21st Beavercreek police brought him down to the police station from his classroom at the high school. They summoned him to Fairborn’s Municipal Court for a misdemeanor charge of theft. The police revealed that he admitted to stealing the money and his excuse for stealing the money was because of financial issues. He claims that he would have returned the money once he was able to. He was released from custody, but will have his arraignment on May 28th. After these events occurred, Smart was put on administrative leave from Carlisle High School as the football coach. Many students at Beavercreek are disappointed in Smart, especially his former students that helped out with the special needs students. Ella Smith, junior and student aid for special needs classrooms, said this, “I’m sad to know that he stole the money. I think it’s wrong to steal even if you’re having issues paying bills.” Hopefully Thomas Smart will learn his lesson on stealing money and will overcome his financial issues.