Hyatts Middle School Students Accused of tainting Teachers’ Food

Kaci Watts, student journalist

Multiple Ohio middle school students from Hyatts Middle school have been accused of serving teachers their food with bodily fluids in the food. Olentangy Hyatts Middle School is in Powell, Ohio. 8 students , mostly all of the are 14 years old, have been questioned as suspects of this on Thursday. The food was being given to the teachers that were acting as judges for a cooking competition. The competition was a part of a “Global Gourmet” class. Around 5 of the school’s staff ate the the food. The investigators believe the food was tainted with semen and urine. One of the students recorded the incident on a video and was shared among other students. Attorney Bradley P. Koffel, who is working with one of the boy suspects, says this about the situation, “It is my understanding that the school believes there is some video. I am not currently aware of what the video shows or does not show. Nor has anyone confirmed that actual bodily fluids were placed in food served to teachers.” At the end of the day Thursday the video reached the administrators and they told the police immediately. The incident has been investigated since the occurrence and they working with prosecutors to figure out the possible charges.  The principal held an assembly as soon as possible after it happened. He explained how wrong it was to do it and what exactly happened. The district officials have stated that any of the students found in violation of the school policies will be held fully accountable. The administrators and district officials are focused on the staff victims impacted by this incident.