Game of Thrones: Hot Take on Season 8


Jake Silvey, Student Journalist

With one of the most-watched TV series of all time, Game of Thrones, coming to an end this past May, the eighth and final season was highly criticized for its writing. After seven seasons of great writing that included the killing of notable characters and creating twists that no one saw coming but still made sense, the writers seemed to have rushed the ending of the show which led to disappointed fans after the series finale.


In my opinion, the writing was well-thought out and the show wasn’t rushed until the fourth and fifth episode of season eight. In these episodes, there were many discrepancies in the plot that had fans confused including the Dothraki and Unsullied armies that unexpectedly grew in size after almost all of them were wiped out in the previous episode. Other than that, one scene where Daenerys Targaryen lost one of her dragons to a large crossbow bolt didn’t follow the scope of the story and baffled fans. All of this confusion led up to the scene that may be the most controversial in the show’s history: when Daenerys, a liberator who freed slaves and only had ever killed her enemies, decides to burn down a city with millions of innocent people inside after the war was already one. While some said this action by the Dragon Queen was warranted, other fans, like me, don’t think the show foreshadowed her fate and, like everything else in season eight, was greatly rushed. This finally leads into the series finale that ends with a man named Bran Stark being crowned king. To me and many others, this didn’t make much sense and left many plot holes left to be filled. While season eight for sure was disappointing, didn’t follow the scope of the show, and left many questions to be answered, the series as a whole is an all-time great and isn’t ruined by one poor season.