Why You Should Get a Job This Summer

Jake Silvey, Student Journalist

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With summer break starting and the stress of school leaving, most students are excited to sit back and relax for a few months. While this may seem great at first, you don’t want to waste your entire summer away. One of the best things you can do is get a job to keep you occupied this summer and allow you to do fun activities that cost money. First off, a job can teach you great skills like responsibility, reliability, and the ability to interact with people you don’t know, and these skills can be very valuable for other jobs later in life. Other than experience, a job also pays. Once you start driving and doing more costly things with your friends, some extra cash can go towards enjoying your summer. However, if you’re not a high spender, then your money earned can go towards a college fund to help yourself out in a couple years. Lastly, for some people summer may get boring, and a new job can occupy some of your time as you meet new people and make money. Whether you want money now, want to save for later in life, or just want something to do this summer, getting a job can satisfy all of these needs.